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Players in Michigan

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I just started playing again since they actually fixed some parts of the game...


XBL: Tonafide

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I'm in Iowa but plan on going to as many LANs/Locals as I can. I'm fine with driving to southern Michigan and if I get a solid team to compete at all MES events. GT is Zeezbruh GG send me a message.

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So we have a team of 3 and were looking for a 4th so we can compete at 2016 gamers for giving. If interested just post gamertags here on the thread and we will run games and see if its a good fit or not. We're trying to get somebody soon. 


Current team GT:


Da Matty P

JBoy da Playboi


Looking to find a 4th here before the end of February.

We will consider anybody willing to make a trip to Eastern for the Lan.

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I have a team of 3 and were looking for 1 to run games and possibly be a 4th for Gamers for Giving. If interested hit me up on XBL: SIXFOURFOUR.

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MichiHalo for life baby. Crazymiller had a LAN just this past weekend we're still kicking

Wish I would have known about this.. Went to the MES 2v2 halo and only 3 teams were there sadly... 

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Halo 5 -


Microsoft Store FFA

Troy, MI





Division Finals:



MLG Orlando Open

2/16 - 2/18


EGLX Toronto

3/9 - 3/11


MLG Columbus Finals

3/23 - 3/25


MLG Seattle (Worlds)

4/13 - 4/15


Gamers for Giving

4/28 - 4/29


Esports Open Tour Michigan

5/11 - 5/13

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Anyone interested in trying to set up an 8 man, H1/H2 MCC LAN? I can host at my house in Warren.

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