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This is my introduction to Halo 4 forge. A room-based asymmetrical map making use of the natural geometry in Ravine; particularly the waterfall. This is a typical design from me in that the blind turns are a feature as opposed to fallacies. The map is paced but provides routes for those who would rather take more immediate action, however, be prepared to be punished for doing so. Routes usually lead to open areas, at least where ambushes are easy to set-up. Worth mentioning is the pair of two-way teleporters. They mainly function for cross map travel but can make for some interesting engagements. They're set-up in such a way as to punish teleport abuse and those who camp the teleporter entrance. It is fair to say 2v2's are more suited but 1v1's can be just as fun given the two players are evenly skilled. I wish I could speak highly of the weapon layout but truth is I'm not well versed with the weapon sandbox of Halo 4. In the end, the weapons placed work and that's the most I can ask for. One thing before the pictures, I have stopped planning maps out and simply forge most of the map(floor, layout, etc.) in one sitting in the morning. Something that isn't very important, but because of this, I'm very open to any criticism and feedback.

1x-Sniper Rifle-3 min (Ordnance)
1x-Sticky Detonator-2 min (Ordnance)
2x-Pulse Grenades-20 sec (Ordnance)
2x-Plasma Grenades-20 sec (Ordnance)






















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In the 6th picture, does the grass serve as a path? Because it appears as if it's a tad too narrow. The map seems interesting enough though.


I like the contrast of the different pieces and the way you used the curved walls. But I'm having trouble figuring out the overall layout of the map. Could you post an overview screenshot?

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One of these days I'm going to sit down and go through all these maps. There are some very interesting ones lately. If nothing else, maybe I'll find something in them that I can add to my own map(s) lol.

I'll re-post after I've given it a look-see.

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