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"Time slowed to a standstill here millenia ago..."
By SpinCycle and Hahka (thealm0ndkiller and Hahkarazy)



Loadout camera

Titan is highly inspired by the classic duel map Aerowalk, from Quake. It was one of the first maps I made in Reach. Back then, it was a 1v1 map, just like the original from Quake. And it was awful. Two later reforges in Halo 4 were also awful, featuring camping, awful spawns, and a noticeable lack of dancefloor. Finally, I decided that the map needed a massive upscale to deal with Halo 4's movement, sprint mechanic, and Instant Respawn. The new scaling resulted in the basic geometry you see now. 
So after the basic stuff was done, I ran a few testing lobbies on this map. One just happened to be with a certain Hahka. Soon after, he joined me and we began to forge the map together (read: he did most of the work). We toyed with the weapons, teleporters, lifts, and even the hard routes on the map, doing anything we could to make the map less campable than the original. Eventually we settled on the current combination, which minimizes the number of teleporters on the map (only one, compared to Aerowalk's four).
We also discovered 2v2 Extraction and set the map up with five extraction points. Titan has also already been picked up by Unity as a Doubles Extraction map and has gone through testing at a tournament level.



Sniper side

About the map itself:
Titan's layout mimics that of Aerowalk. The design consists of one atrium with three floors, surrounded by two side areas and various hallways connecting all three together. Me and Hahka had several design goals when putting the map together:
1. Stop the camping that occurred on early versions of the map by adjusting the hard and soft routes around the map. This resulted in the addition of the high hall, the mid and snipe ramps, and the snipe lift.
2. Create an atmosphere. This resulted in the green theme and 'timeless' look.
3. Make soft routes (jumps, lifts, teleporters, etc) feel like they're part of the map and not some lego blocks added to make a jump up. This resulted in the current styled lifts, shield door teleporters, and overall tricky object use. Oftentimes Hahka would add a nondescript jumpup while changing the geometry to meet some other goal, and I wouldn't realize that the new geometry was a jumpup for several days.




Shotgun side



Power Weapons:

1x Speed Boost (or Camo) - 90s
1x Overshield - 90s 
1x Sniper Rifle - 120s, 1 spare clip
1x Shotgun - 120s
Everything spawns at start. Red and Blue have advantages on the Overshield and Sniper, respectively, while the Speed Boost (or Camo, depending on the gametype) and Shotgun are more neutral.


Additional Screenshots:


Overshield Hall



Lower Teleporter



Main Atrium

2v2 Extraction and Slayer are the recommended gametypes for Titan. Just a note - when playing extraction, please use this gametype (
here) or another gametype specifically optimized for 2v2 extraction. 4v4 extraction gametypes will provide a substandard experience on 2v2 maps.



Special Thanks:

  • to SecretSchnitzel, for explaining to me how Quake maps transfer to Halo and for giving feedback every step of the way
  • to Overkill and Solo XIII, for helping me understand the scaling problems of Titan
  • to Doju and the Unity gang, for testing Titan and for putting it into their 2v2 settings
  • to a Chunk, for capturing several gameplay videos on Titan
  • to Dax, for advice regarding the routes around the map
  • to thefro3po, for coming up with the name
  • to everybody who tested and abused the map, for helping me improve it

Download Titan

Download the Unity V3 variant of Titan (different weapon layout)

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Played a lot of great 2v2's on the this map, looks like it's had some updates since then.  Sexy is as sexy does.

P.S. ~ I take full credit for coming up with the map name.  :P

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Played a lot of great 2v2's on the this map, looks like it's had some updates since then.  Sexy is as sexy does.


P.S. ~ I take full credit for coming up with the map name.  :P


I added you to the credits :) Sorry about forgetting.


An older version of Titan with No sprint dubs extraction.


Titan 2 v 2 ext is arguably the best gametype in Halo 4, and its criminal that AGL wont be using it for their 2s tourney this weekend.


Thanks, man :))

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That map looks beautifully forge ^.^

Rather unique designs, I would love to use some of them in my maps if you dont mind?

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This map is very interesting and well forged. I like a lot of what you have done to make it different. The lifts alone are awesome and i really like the layout. At first it was a little confusing to me because i could tell which side was which and i think red and blue coloured pieces would make it easier to tell where you are or even sections in certain colours. But all of that could have been intended and it you didnt want that then i understand.


I think the overall layout is nice and it would be a good 2v2 map. You also have places from all sight-lines that have cover so i think you good in the cover category. Sorry i couldn’t give you more useful feedback but that only because i dont see any major issues with your map.


Great job!

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