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Hey everyone who still plays this game…


We’re on the hunt for a player for AGL Indianapolis in early November.

If you’re interested and fit the qualities specified below, you’re more than welcome to add or message me (especially if friends list is full) on my gamertag: “KinetiKzZz


But before you figure out what we’re looking for, why not get to know us a little bit to see if you’re interested…




Our Current Roster:


We are a team of 3 from Indiana and Arizona. The 2 players from Indiana are at Purdue University and have been a team of 2 for 3 years now. We’ve got some experience under our belts going from 20-30 tournament wins a piece that are NOT MLG events and AGL events. 4v4s, 2v2, and FFAs, totaling to a little over $10,000 in winnings.


I can give more details if necessary – messaging me is a good idea if you’d like to talk about anything ^_^


We have 5 and 6 MLG event experiences placing at top 32 area as well as 1 AGL event under our belt.


We’ve had multiple sponsors, full ride and all


Currently are on the hunt to get some sponsors and have some lined up, but they’d like to see some progress from the team from things before start rolling into motion.


If there are any other questions that you have about us as individuals, experience, or how we are as a team etc…lemme know



We will not be needing a hotel, and are going to be searching for the sponsors to pay for the entry fee, and preferably the plane ticket necessary for our Arizona player as well as YOU! (if necessary)…otherwise, we’ll see what comes up.


Our current sponsors don’t pay for too much and we only have 2, but I do believe we have team shirts currently ready to go.




What we’re looking for:


1 player !


We’re looking for a selfless player that understands it isn’t about K/D or showing off. Knowing that the win at the end of the game is all that matters. Knowing that they do not have to have every power weapon in the game in their hand when it could be more useful in a different teammates, etc.


We aren’t looking to mess around with people who aren’t experienced at around our level or above. So if you don’t have decent experience at an AGL or MLG event and proof of it, multiple, not just one event, then I apologize ahead of time, but no need to continue on reading from here unfortunately.


With this said, I shouldn’t tell you what type of player we are looking for or what we need … you should understand how to play at a high end level already. All high end competitive level gaming isn’t personal skill. At this level, you should be able to never miss a shot, etc.etc.etc… The difference is teamwork, awareness, and mentality. If you have a shit attitude, you’re out of the question already. We currently have a pretty aggressive OBJ player, as well as a slayer, and an in-betweener. So we can allow anything to fit at this point, but “roles” shouldn’t be something to have to talk about.



Again, if you’re interested go ahead and add me or message me if full at my gametrag: “KinetiKzZz


We’d like to finish trying people out and deciding on a definite 4th ASAP to get as much practice and team chemistry built up as much as possible, especially to go ahead and get sponsorships under control as well.


Any questions, feel free to post or message me! Thanks <3



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Who's the player from Arizona? I'm from Az and I'm just curious. And feel free to add me of you guys need scrims. Fu Gerii

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Who's the player from Arizona? I'm from Az and I'm just curious. And feel free to add me of you guys need scrims. Fu Gerii

I'm the player from AZ :)

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i really want to run with u guys but ur never on as the same time as me or ur whole team isint on a the same time!


I'm the player from AZ :)

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Hmu. From Michigan. Placed in the top 16 in FFA MLG chi 05, top 48 in 4s, won several locals. I can pay my way 100%.


I have a strict play schedule as I have a 50/wk job and I'm a full time student. But I can play m-f 1-2 hours per evening, Saturdays will be free come November and Sundays I'm available all day.



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