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Damn, been trying to get into watching competitive CSGO and was hoping this was more active so I can talk to my TB Bros about instead of lurking some other forum community where idk anybody lol.

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Getting a PC built and will finally be playing this game more. I come from playing FPS games strictly on console and wanted to know if this has good controller support or if I should just go ahead and learn mouse and keyboard?


I feel like it's the toughest adjustment to make. It just feels so unnatural to me since I've played with a controller 15+ years. Could I get some possible tips like maybe mouse settings or sensitivity adjustments to start off learning if I need to?

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i'm so pumped! I live by columbus and i wanted to go to it so bad but my irl friends don't follow CS  :cry:

they sound like bad friends to me  :kappa:  :kappa:


i can't wait either, it's gonna be a great major 

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Lets go mouz


Someone else will need to step up vs nip because idk if onlanJ and niko can carry 3 bots again. idk what happened to nex but im convinced someone killed him months ago and replaced him with a clone



Also really hype for the CLG game. Hope they can pull through.

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