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Watched some esea and cevo matches last night and I'm officially in love with csgo


Any big events coming up?

SLTV Starseries LAN finals are this week. Double elimination, bo3 bracket.




se.gif fnatic

ua.gif HellRaisers

ua.gif Na`Vi

dk.gif myXMG - they are standing in for Mousesports who dropped due to the political situation atm.


1. - $14,000

2. - $7,000

3. - $5,000

4. - $4,000





EDIT: Fnatic put their hat in the ring as skin creators.


I've had my statrak m4a1 for a good while but my god that'd be tempting.









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Trying to get into CS been watching a good few streams recently. New to FPS with a kb and mouse in general.


Does your mouse make much of a difference? I realize at my shit level it wont make much of a difference, it is more about practice. But i was just wondering in general is there a noticeable improvement? Just have a regular dell laser mouse.

A decent mouse does make a huge difference regardless of skill level. It's far from just a matter of preference. The main problem with shit mice is their max speed is too low and they get accelleration problems, which means you're forced to either play on ridiculous sensitivities or simply restrain yourself to turning extremely slowly to keep the mouse from spazzing out completely. There are some other noticable factors such as angular correction and prediction, but they're not as inherently limiting.


There's no noteworthy objective difference between any two decent mice though.


I recommend a Zowie Am, Zowie EC, Zowie FK, MS intellimouse explorer 3.0, Razer deathadder 2013 or a Steelseries Sensei raw, which are all comparable decent mice with fast max speeds, good tracking and side buttons which free up some binds and come in quite handy very often.


I use the side buttons for slot1 and slot2, which allows me to quickswitch with just the mouse hand as well as using number keys 1-4 for individual grenade equip binds.


Most pros play on a sensitivity around 45cm/360degrees without accelleration.




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Thanks dude, I might look into some of those. I do find I have to play on pretty ridiculous sensitivity, around 7 or so. If im still playing in a few weeks by which time I will hopefully have a job, i might invest in a mouse. I tend to stop playing vidya altogether once I have stuff to do

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EDIT; FACEIT's 50k league starts today, it will be the first time all 3 new french lineups are revealed:


Starting 7pm GMT

se.gif fnatic vs fr.gif Titan - de_inferno

dk.gif dignitas vs fr.gif Mercenary - de_dust2

pl.gif Virtus.pro vs ua.gif HellRaisers - de_mirage

se.gif NiP vs fr.gif BST - de_inferno

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Steam inventory trojan being spread through twitch chats. Do not click that shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

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Been away for a bit, obviously I miss sweet updates / events / the next major announcement. Also my computer is borked so I can't play atm. Content to watch for the moment because CS action is jam packed tonight:



All bo1's:

Dig vs VP

Titan vs Dig


HR vs Dig

Epsilon vs Titan

Fnatic vs VP



Fnatic vs HR bo3

LOSER vs Property bo3

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Anyone want to add me and play im DMG ,and just want to find people to play with. I'm getting a new mic in acouple days so if you want to play ranked, unranked, or anything just add me need more firends. Steam ID: kennypov

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Lots and lots of Counter-Strike even on top of the multiple ongoing leagues. Best couple to look out for:


SLTV Starseries XI




October 18 - 19
1st $13 000 + $2 000 travel-support
2nd $7 000 + $2 000 travel-support
3rd $4 000 + $2 000 travel-support
4th $3 000 + $2 000 travel-support
Titan vs Epsilon
Navi vs LDLC

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If anyone has a to5 in CSGO for competitive play, feel free to add Lottography (my stream user name is Sister Lotto or something of that nature), we just started a clan with with about 15 people for only being 3 days old. We have a server we will be optimizing for the competitive standard in CSGO for matches and scrims. Anyone who wants to scrim feel free to add me and we'll work something out for scrims.

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The ESL Collection in the STEAM workshop:

Sick looking skins that promote one of the biggest supporters of GO - yes please.


FACEIT CS:GO League LAN Finals
October 24 - 26
$50k prize pool
Group A
Cloud 9
Virtus Pro
Group B
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I'm not usually a big fan of ESL style skins but damn those are beautiful. I would love any of those. So, so nice.

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