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Wuddup! New member...

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Sup guys. I finally found time to actually register an account to this site today.
I have a youtube channel called SuckyFilms where I post halo content (mostly halo 3) all the time as you can see right here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SuckyMLG .


I also have a montage that was the first video featured on the new FBW channel:





I also post Clip of the Week's, highlight videos, gameplays, MLG sprees, and much more.


Overall, I look forward to becoming a regular part of this community and meeting all of u! :)

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Welcome to the site. I'm totally watching your montage once I'm done gaming.

Hit me up anytime you need help around the site!

Hope to see you around.


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Thanks a lot guys. Glad u liked it. I just recently got reacquainted with this site today after me and my friend got to talking about the 2v2 tourney this site is hosting, but anyways, hopefully ill make good on my promise and explore the forums a little bit. Seya around :)

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