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XBLA FPS Takedown: Red Sabre Launches September 20th

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I know this site doesn't care about any competitive FPS other than Halo and CoD, but this looks interesting. 
Takedown: Red Sabre can be described as a tactical FPS that focuses on the realism of tactical combat. You can read more in the older article, but this game is supposed be a spiritual successor of the old Rainbow Six 3 and Swat games I suggest reading the tidbits I selected from that article to get a feel for how they're making it competitive/realistic. "When there’s no radar or regenerating health, when every round fired could be the one that counts, slow and steady isn’t just recommended, it’s a requirement. You can hit the jump to see the orchestrated madness in action."
505 Games - Takedown is made by 505 games which made a popular new game called Payday 2. Specifically, a division called  Serellan from 505 games is developing this title. "Serellan, a team of veteran developers who have worked on acclaimed titles in the Ghost Recon, Halo, SOCOM, SWAT and F.E.A.R. franchises. The team is led by Christian Allen, the former creative director of the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon franchise."


I think it's important to note that the developers have extensive experience working within this certain "style" of gameplay that they wish to create. Also, the lack of linear gameplay.

9/18/2013 Update:
  • No hip fire reticules, developers are encouraging ADS for accurate shots and less spraying.
  • It should have LAN capabilities but I don't think it has split screen capabilities.
  • Maps are "non linear" and have multiple ways to complete objectives and move throughout levels.
  • If a mission is failed and restarted, enemy positions will change and objectives will change.
  • Single bullets can travel through multiple bodies.
  • Can create multiple loadouts. (4 visually)
  • Can equip body armor that helps prevent 1 shot kills from smaller less powerful weapons, or bullets that travel through walls.
  • Body Armor will not stop 1 shot kills of high impact weapons.
  • Lobbies show two teams and spots for spectators.
  • Gun Kick and Recoil seems to be extremely high on certain weapons. I don't believe there is a visual aid like bloom to control, but shots will have to be paced visually. (I like the concept)
TotalBiscuit has a "My thoughts" video on Takedown in which I'm able to confirm of the points throughout the thread. He heavily pushes the fact that the game's story mode is non linear based. Levels are designed on multiple floors with multiple routes and multiple rooms that may or may not contain either the objective, or terrorists. When you combine that with the fact that the objective and enemies move when you reset the mission, you have some interesting and hopefully non repetitive gameplay. TotalBiscut apparently LOVES this aspect. He re-instates how he feels this game was literally created for him and others who were fans of the original Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six 3


"As private military contractors, you’ll accept varied objectives from multiple employers. You’ll map out each mission insertion, planning routes and tactics, equipping your squad(s) with the necessary tools to get the job done. Non-linear environments allow for flexibility and diversity in each engagement across the campaign, co-op and competitive multiplayer modes – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to a problem."


While the game doesn't look amazing from a graphics standpoint, it's certainly good enough. Personally, I'm fine with an over all polished look as opposed to a ridiculous amount of texture. The focal point should definitely be the core of the game.


At :44 into the video, as well as around 1:00 you will notice the return of the lean feature from previous rainbow six games. It's a feature I personally miss as I was a huge RBS 3 and RBS 3 Black Arrow fan. I know some people won't like this style of gameplay, but it's refreshing to see something that isn't a run and gun instant spawn FPS game. I miss playing games in which I planned every step and felt vulnerable at any second. The fact that one can hide with such little of his body exposed calls for great attention to detail towards being thorough and aware.





Kotaku article which has a 30 minute video showcasing a mission, as well as a 1v1 with a developer on a training facility.


Right now, there are a lot of complaints on the trailer. For the most part it's visual errors such as the pistol being silenced without actually having the silencer on, or no bolt on the side of the M4. That's all secondary in my opinion.

7/31/2013 INFO:
Takedown: Red Sabre
Here are some tidbits from the article.
  • There is no ranking system. You don't receive advantages for playing longer, IE progression system that unlocks better guns for more gameplay.
  • No radar - No bullet indicator showing where you are shot from except by sound.
  • High Lethality - One/Two bullet kills. No regenerating health or shields. If you get shot and are wounded but don't die, you suffer accuracy loss. If shot in the leg, you lose ability to sprint.
  • Mostly non linear maps with of options.
  • Unreal Engine 3. Enemies can use the gears of war style cover, while players only have leaning abilities, that way the game stays FPS and not third person. (Lean features in RBS3 were amazing)
  • No Respawns (not sure if thats throughout every game mode)
  • Able to pick up weapons on opponents you kill
  • Advanced bullet penetration system - Every material (wood concrete etc) can be penetrated based on how thick the wall is, and what type of round you are firing. Each type of round has its own penetration value. Possibilities of penetrating multiple walls.
  • Weapon size and length effect gameplay, You can't peak against a wall if you have a longer rifle and use attachments. The gun will get stuck and won't fire if you're too close to the surface, where as SMGs are able to peak closer to a wall.
  • Non Twitch based game, the creator dislikes Halo's style (despite working on it)
  • Creative director is a former marine with who hold a Federal Firearms License, and is a self proclaimed gun nut.


XBOX 360 Control Scheme : http://pic.twitter.com/9rTuuHhRDw


Takedown trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuzMRqM-nl4

If it's anything like it sounds, it should be amazing. I'm sick of how easy FPS have become over the years, and am getting tired of simple FPS games like COD.

Concerns :

  • Online competitive multiplayer hasn't shown off much of anything yet. So far one map and one gametype has been showcased at PAX, and the beta version that totalbiscuit had didn't have any additional features.
  • Reception of the game won't be well due to difficulty. I'm hoping enough tactical shooter fans are able to keep this game alive.

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“When I was working on Halo: Reach I played, obviously, a lot of Halo. And I’m a pretty good gamer. I can kick ass and draw pretty good, but when I got into Halo I had a lot of cases — which I love the universe — but I had a lot of cases where I see a guy with his back to me, he’s an enemy, I start unloading on him, he, you know, does the whip around, 180 degrees, headshots me and then he’s off and running. I’m like, ‘Damn it! I totally got the drop on him, but I’m a level 11 and he’s a level 50, you know, right?’ Level 50 pwns everybody in Halo, hands down.”
There is no level 50 in Takedown: Red Sabre. There are no levels one through 49, either. The game’s Kickstarter backers didn’t want a leveling-up system, so Serellan didn’t create one.



WTF is he even talking about right here? Halo has no progression ranks until Halo 4. unless he was talking about getting owned by a sniper or something. It also had no sprint until Mr. tactical shooter genius here implemented it in HR so I dont know how he can complain about that.


That being said I used to play alot of RB6 back on the PC/Xbox and the RB6 trilogy was very tactical and competitive before Vegas like the OP said, I will be checking this out for sure.

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WTF is he even talking about right here? Halo has no progression ranks until Halo 4. unless he was talking about getting owned by a sniper or something. It also had no sprint until Mr. tactical shooter genius here implemented it in HR so I dont know how he can complain about that.


That being said I used to play alot of RB6 back on the PC/Xbox and the RB6 trilogy was very tactical and competitive before Vegas like the OP said, I will be checking this out for sure.



Another person who doesn't know wtf they are talking about when it comes to Halo? Big surprise. 

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Could I get a mod to change the name of my thread to "XBLA FPS Takedown: Red Sabre Launches September 20th"? That would be a big help.




I know GTA just came out, but I'll be on this game pretty frequently. Anyone else getting it?

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It doesn't look that interesting. 


To each their own. I'd love for you to clarify on your opinion though.


I see this game being completely useless and boring to the casual gamer, or the CoD fan. I see this game doing very well with a competitive following. It might not be at events, but there will be a cult like group playing much like Shadowrun.


Here's the thing, it's a specific genre of game that has not been done well in years. Rainbow Six 3 is like Halo CE where as Rainbow Six Vegas is like Halo 4. So to be able to go back to such a bare bones tactical game is a nice change, especially when realism seems to be a priority as well.


Is this just not your style of game? Is realism a turn off? Do you prefer more of a run and gun based game?

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Not sure how to explain it.


That's fine I wasn't sure how to interpret it. Generally speaking, the game looks slow paced, lacks the graphics of other games being released at the same time, and comes with limited content. I don't think it's going to look interesting to current generation gamers, but will appeal to more of the gamers who grew up with that style.

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http://www.gamespot.com/takedown-red-sabre/reviews/takedown-red-sabre-review-6414979/ Ouch....a 2.0. Some people are pretty such saying RS3 and SWAT 4 are better and more in depth tactical shooters than this game despite being many years older.


Then again 

 Total Biscuit which is usually a pretty good(albeit harsh) judge of shooters said in his preview not to long ago that this game was a worthy spiritual successor to those games.


I think I might wait a bit to pick up this game if its as problematic as people are saying. It kind of reminds me of Nexuiz(despite it being a decent game), the game wasn't as good  as Quake or UT and it was 100 percent old-school which alot of people just are not excited to play these days.

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