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F/A for Team/Events

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I've played halo mostly since Halo 3, dabbled with H2 and CE but I was young at the time and really only watched streams. I've stuck with halo, I knew it would get better and with the release of the Weapons Tuning today, I feel as if Halo is on its way back.


With that being said, since H4 has released I've played solo through any playlist, not really playing with a set team. I feel like playing on a set team I can enhance my halo experience, plus try to compete competitively. I would say my strengths are more of a support player as I am usually playing on a DSL connection, and I can communicate well with teammates. Events aren't a issue, and am always willing to travel.

GT: Twalls01, lets play.  

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I think ill post in here since this seems like the general F/A forum.


I've been playing halo since 03. Been more of a casual player but have been following a lot of competitive halo and playing in team throwdown by myself. Every one on my friends list is playing CoD or minecraft.. :/


I'm definitely a filler/support player.

I live in Fredericksburg Va and can possibly travel to places along the east coast. No guarantee though due to working a full time job and raising a family. I usually play a couple nights during the week after the baby goes to bed and on the weekends. If you want to see my gameplay I stream on twitch under fxbg_alphanumeric and also have some gameplay on YouTube under jcburdette2




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I'm looking for a team to run with. I'm 16 from Illinois and would like to enter some events. My GT is Secret 6

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