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Capture Card Ideas and question??

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Hey guys I'm looking to buy a cap card because I think it'll be fun to stream and just record gameplay. I was thinking about getting the elgato capture card and had a few questions about it. So the hdmi cable the goes from the cap card to my monitor ((the hdmi out cable))  does that put the gameplay on my monitor? I just need to know that because i wanted to know if i use that to play with instead of my vga cable. I have a Asus VS238h monitor btw and if you guys have any help and tips on a cap card that'll be cool....btw i'm not ganna buy a blackmagic intensity pro...too expensive...Thank you


P.S i have a macbook pro

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Moving this to the gaming section, this forum is for site suggestions.


Now that majority of capture devices use hdmi in and out, your gameplay will appear on the monitor, and the devices USB cable will be used to send the footage to your computer.


Also, majority of capture cards are only compatible with PC, I know for certain that the Elgato Game Capture works with Mac, and Black Magic cards may also work as well.


-Elgato Game Capture

-Black Magic Shuttle

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Go with Elgato Gaming Capture Card, HDMI port is all u need


HDPVR Gaming Edition is another


Both are capable streaming and with HD quality

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Sorry for making this thread resurface since I'm also interested in buying a capt card.


Is there any new products now that are better?? because elgato gaming's capture card has a USB 2.0 port, would it be better if it came out with a USB 3.0?

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