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I´ve won the Astro's headphone giveaway, but i think something happened

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I've won a giveaway recently on the twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/teambeyondnet, i got sent a few messages asking my address and thinks like that, pretty normal (it wasn't some random dude, it was teambeyondnet). after a while they told me that they were going to send my info to astro so we could coordinate the shipping, the thing is, it's been almost 4 days now, im not complaining at all, i just wanna make sure that everything is ok with the process, since i'm from argentina and you know, its a complicated country. if someone knows something or if there is any mod here that can help me i'd apreciatte it a lot.


Im going to post a few screenshots just to let you all make sure this is legit. unknown.png

Yall can message me to the twitch account to ensure its mine if you need tounknown.png

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51 minutes ago, Eskadrudul said:

Giveaway Winner

Hey, I was the one messaging you from TeamBeyondnet. Your info has already been received and passed to ASTRO.


Giveaway shipping can take up to 4-8 weeks, especially internationally during the pandemic. Please be patient and we will get your prize shipped, country is not an issue.

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