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Halo 5's last legs

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I think it's pretty well established how dead Halo 5 is now, especially given the resurgence in MCC. Unfortunately for us, the best forge still lies in H5. Our small group still creates new competitive maps and modes in Halo 5, the problem is getting them tested. I'm by no means a champ player, though we have a few really good testers, I'm deffo interested in expanding our size. I completely understand if the thought of H5 makes you groan but if you're at all interested or at least curious, our sessions are hosted Wednesdays and Saturdays (8-9pm UK / 3-4pm EST). Message me (FatKidForger) or Oh SoulFlame on Xbox and we'll get ya involved. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to post below.

Cheers, lads.

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