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Hey guys, been a minute. Not sure what the rules are on here in regards to "self promotion", but if this in violation, please feel free to take it down. Anyway, we've started streaming our local lans and I've been cutting and uploading the gameplays to my new YouTube page. If you're looking for some gameplays to keep you occupied during this shitstorm, come check us out at Twitch or you can check the VODs on YouTube

We just had a big midwest lan at DynoMike's a couple weeks ago. I'm working on getting the better stuff uploaded to YouTube, but you can check out the full broadcast under the Twitch highlights.

Hope you guys enjoy! Stay safe - wash your hands and keep away from MCC. 


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Glad to hear you're uploading VOD. I try to catch most of the bigger H1 LANs but completely missed this one while I was travelling. If you're planning on streaming more often, I look forward to checking the stream out soon.

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On 3/20/2020 at 2:15 AM, finny said:

Not sure what the rules are on here in regards to "self promotion",

If it's not just a drive-by promo trying to get views but posted with context and effort that's generally fine.

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I'd rather watch halo CE lan videos that playing that broken ass sorry excuse for halo CE on MCC.  

Has there ever been a company that refuses to let it's employees do what is right and fix a broken game that's been broke for years lol....

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