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VA Winter LAN 2020 (Jan 9-13)

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The VA Winter LAN is Jan 9-13.  There won't be an FFA or 2v2 tourney however we may have some money matches.  All boxes are overclocked like last time and will also have a new map called Dreadnought, which is basically an updated version of Derelict.

Twitch:  https://www.twitch.tv/vabeachlan

Youtube (VA Beach LAN 2019):


1. Devilman
2. dds
3. Mudbone
4. meg
5. Nacho
6. Dynomike
7. Ozyorsk
8. Forehearth
9. stunt man
10. Missingno
11. Bonesaw
12. Finny
13. Fight
14. C2
15. SeVy
16. Skillz
17. BRBaby
18. Amayzing
19. Cujjer
20. Halaster
21. xVirgin
22. Klown
23. O4
24. Wraith
25. Kush
26. Knighty Knight
27. Gazzo

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15 minutes ago, Hard Way said:

Someone tell me more about Dreadnought please.

It has colors and camo is closer to the edge. There’s also a pr on bottom tunnels below camo that I will be making use of. 

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I'm not sure if this was the latest version or if a newer one was released after. But some of the Toronto guys played it. If it doesn't timestamp correctly, 3:03:50 will take you there 

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