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As promised with Reach launch on MCC we want to revive Gold Pro settings for both 2v2s and 4v4s!

If anybody doesn't know what those are imagine ZBNS (zero bloom no sprint) Halo Reach settings close to mlg v7 with a few major and many minor tweaks, most notable a DMR with a 4 shot perfect kill (instead of 5) giving the DMR a killtime of 1.2 seconds compared to the normal 1.6, faster item timers to encourage more movement and a whole set of new maps!

For the people interested here is the thread from back in the day:


Since a list with gamertags for customs is a bit outdated we thought it would be a better idea to start a discord for this project which will also come in very handy for discussion as we want to look into improving the settings and adding more maps:

This discord might also be used to discuss and organize testing lobbies for possible settings changes we want to suggest to 343 for mlg/hardcore, see https://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/18140-what-changes-should-be-made-to-reachs-competitive-settings-going-forward/ for further information.

If you are interested in either of those 2 things feel free to join, we want to start getting custom games going as soon as possible!

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