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Hey guys, me and my friends are interested in hosting tournaments for the Halo franchise. We've been playing since we were kids and thought this would be both fun and great for the community. We plan on doing weekly paid-entry & free-entry tournaments. We have a small survey basically asking how you feel about this. (To gauge general interest)

Link To Survey - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftitHiGuYyNk3trZMRhAro4S09cZpGjl80yJKHquypnBDTHQ/viewform

We also were thinking about hosting a Halo Reach Kickoff Tournament. The plan is to be $160 guaranteed and depending on the attendance the prize pool would increase.

$20 entry per team & up to enter 128 teams can enter. (Let us know how you guys feel about this) The prize pool increases based on the amount of teams. For example: 8 teams or less - $160 16 teams - $250 32 teams - $500 64 teams - $1000 128 teams - $2000

Please let me know I really would like build something with everyone in the Halo community. Let's make 2020 a great year for competitive Halo.

I was previously told that Halo Reach was a good 2v2 game so the kickoff tournament will most likely be 2v2 with consistent 4v4 tournaments coming later.

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