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Splitgate (Halo + Portal) Alpha Weekend

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It plays like H4 more than H3.

i think the portal angle is fun but it is worse than jet packs. And they have a thruster feel that behaves more like jet packs.

i have set up portals facing each other and while staring into one waited for someone to come up behind me, then flanked from behind. So funny to see their confusion.

the movement, aiming, and overall feel is halo-esque but the maps look too foreign to get that halo feel.  I miss vehicles and I miss BTB. 

it was interesting to try out but I will only be playing it to study their animations and art work - not really a gotta play kind of game.

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I guess its kinda the market they're going for but it's almost a trap to run of the idea of being a "this game" + "this game" meta because a lot of people are going to go in with high expectations based on their nostalgia or personal preference as their main voice of criticism. I'm sure a lot of people know how to judge a piece of media based on it's own merit and I have no clue if the dev team even advertised it as a Halo "clone" for lack of a better term. But every time I've seen or heard someone discuss it, "Halo" is instantly mentioned.

In my opinion it just comes across as a gimmick to ride off of existing popularity whether intentional or not. At the end of the day the only two things I end up asking myself here so far is "just because its made by people who played Halo 3, does that mean it's going to be good?" and "regardless of any external influences, does the gameplay loop actually work?". While the answer to the first is obviously "No", the latter requires so many subjective variables to actually be answerable and you'll only know if you play it ultimately. But based on @MrGreenWithAGun said, theres clearly some issues they need to address.

Glad people are enjoying it, I'm just a dickhead who hasn't even played it lol. But the ideology is pretty interesting and is quite reflective of how games are taking shape these days, especially in the FPS/TPS genres. Probably gonna check out some gameplay and study their LD at some point tho.

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