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We Were Promised Jetpacks, Lanterns on the Lake and Frightened Rabbit tomorrow.


Lots and lots of lovely guitary indie loudness to drink myself into oblivion with.

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how was it?


not mad about the sugar club. all those seats, although the venue does suit bbng better than danny brown

Yea it was great, during Alarmist the seats were full along with the aisles and bar. But as soon as bbng came on the drummer asked everyone to come up the front and it just got ridiculous. They said it was only the second time the stage had been invaded but I dunno how much truth there is to that. I was sooooo certain someone was going to crash into the drum kit but it never happened haha

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 loving it




Really good juke album, but it still falls under the spell of just about every juke/footwork full length LP in that there are boring/uninteresting lulls throughout the album of mediocre/forgettable tracks. Most juke albums tend to be over long with too many tracks and this ends up being their downfall imo, even though there are a lot of really good juke albums (such as this one) with really spectacular great tracks to make up for the forgettable lulls. Juke/footwork is definitely a genre of music that translates better as a cohesive release with EPs; I enjoyed both of Rashad's EPs from this year overall more than Double Cup. On the other hand, the Paisley Parks album Бh○§† is consistently awesome all the way through.

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