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Music Thread

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Haven't listened to all this either, but sounds so soothing 


Tarot Sport and Street Horrrsing are two of my favorite electronic albums. Both are amazing

Wish i listened to these while i still smoked

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I know its only (late) February but I'm really starting to feel summer creeping up and I laaaav it. Long evenings, early sun rises, and just generally more sun always have me throwing on music to fit the mood. Particularly tracks that got a lot of play from me and my mates last summer



geh da fuk outta here winter

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Man. I'm just lurking, and all this electronic stuff is cool.....anybody have just some good ole feel good rock that I can discover though? Starting to feel like good ole American Rock bands are a thing of the past or something

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Lol. I guess people like their no talent sounds. Unless you have an real instrument in your hand it's not music anyway. Moving on. 

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I only listen to string quartets, everything else is noise






but seriously, Humpflung has a point,  while he couldnt be any more wrong about "real music" and "real instruments", this thread is so narrow in its reach and limited in the genres/eras of music posted. It could use some diversification and depth

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