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I leave you with 



I'm too stupid to know music in any consistency... 

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new favorite pastime: walking around campus after midnight while listening to the It Follows soundtrack


side notes:


new OPN album is amazing


new U.S. Girls album is amazing


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haven't listened the dg a single time since going to their show.


saw Autechre this past sunday tho. that was awesome. they did their set in the dark.

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should of brought plugs



great show though


the venue was selling them but fuck that i live for the ear ringing 


they opened with come up and get me and i was in the front and it was fucking insane my buddy lost his shoe and had to duck down to get and to get back up he decked a few people

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Maybe this if you like Atmospheric Black Metal?




i'll check it out 





Have you peeped this? Less drill more dark gutter depressed shit


you know it bruv. not as good as Fazoland, but it's another really solid mixtape. that one track where herbo is "singing" though is really grating.

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is the newer OPN album good? 


I'm catching up on lots of music over the past few months


this DJ Paypal - Sold out is p fire''




EDIT: listening to OPN now - reading mixed reviews so far but what has a lot of dweebs so idk

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personally, i am enraptured w/ G.O.D. it's totally fucking amazing.


i should check out that Dj Paypal shit. really dig the IRL ep from 2013


deffo check out the new U.S. Girls album. it's been my jams recently.

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JK The Reaper has been on FIRE. Check out "Ray Allen"



"Fountain Of Youth" was one of my favorite songs of last year:


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