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I try to stay away from the screaming stuff. I'll listen to a bit of Periphery, but i prefer it without the screaming lol like Bulb, Animals As Leaders, Scale


I need more of this. Recommendations? plz

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speaking of beats, just listened to TNGHT again for the first time in a minute, and gotdang, that is one hell of an ep. still the epitome of baller from start to finish.

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Shit guys get on this shit. I can't post individual tracks because it's the type of album/mix that needs to be listened to from beginning to end. Fucking wrecks me every time I listen to it afresh. 




Listened to the first few tracks. Shits good. 


TNGHT needs to release some more tracks. Goooo will never get old. 

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So accurate 


man these feels. i also always blast death grips through my television in my dormroom every weekend when i'm drinking. no fucks given. my face resembles that guy 100%


OPN's Returnal is soooo good. Dat first 10 minutes > 


dude yeah it's fucking awesome. nil admirari is the best shit. gonna listen to returnal later tonight now. 


At wut type of party does one casually turn on death grips...


probably why i'm never invited to parties sadface

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