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a lot of techno LPs, ones that I would consider to be really good, end up plagued with moments of forgettable stretches of tracks between all the great tracks, but this nikka Peter van Hoesen is consistent as fuck in his three full lengths (one is a live mix). EPs are nice too.



other random techno shit. been getting hood with techno a lot recently. 




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and let me just say that niggas on the moon gets more and more rad as I listen to it. it's fucking awesome. where else can you get really experimental glitchy hiphop like this? nowhere that I'm aware of. really looking forward to the full release.

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oh boy.



If you listened to, and liked, the Amnesia Scanner mix I posted, check this shit.


two less-good-than-both-AS-and-Lotic-mixes mixes, brought to you by the newly impressive PC Music:




I may have posted the GFOTY mix before. Don't remember/too lazy to check the last few pages.

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