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Same thing with me but it was all my girlfriends and Lil B.


My 2010 is showing. I need to get hip with it again.

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Kendrick mad corny y'all


corny like the state of Iowa or corny like my jokes? 

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just got back from bonnaroo



warpaint (#1 show. they brought it)

future islands

U2 (played joshua tree in its entirety and had the coolest stage setup i've ever seen)

umphrey's mcgee

travis scott


portugal, the man



The xx (this was the most bland and boring shit i've ever heard)

chance (too much gospel stuff, didn't go that hard)

Chrystal castles 

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Copped tickets to Brockhampton. Wonder if I'll see Melon Fantano there

nice. I'd definitely go if it wasn't on a fuckin Tuesday

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;) I actually did listen and you did a great job. Soild interview for someone who still watches professional wrestling. 

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