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what shutting down is literally the worst news i've ever seen

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So who is excited for this new wu tang


lol this reminds me of my favorite youtube video. Look at how fucked up they all were after their bonnaroo set lol (I was at that show nbd) you can tell they forgot they had committed to an interview after the show lol


I watch this whenever I'm feeling down



but to answer your question: I am excited for new wu tang

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where the fuck do i get music from now that what.cd is gone


ive been spoiled for so long and idk how to cope


youtube you fithy little sheep

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What was everyones favorite albums of the year?

i liked bon iver's new album a lot...honorable mentions...


my name is jeffrey

i wnt it darker

colour in anything



life of pablo

i actually really liked the tranny anohni's album too

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Still cant stand watching bon iver live, their singers falsetto is nails on a chalkboard most of the time. If they could just get rid of him singing, and put colin stetson in the forefront more, they would obviously be better off.... more instrumental and choral chanting 

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