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i don't know if i posted this before, but i noticed that this beat sounded familiar. first thought it was from Hotline Miami then googled it. Sampled Com Truise 

Partynextdoor has some dope beats

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Pearl Jam
Death Cab
Big Grams
Tyler the Creator
Two door Cinema
Lamb of God


those are the only bands i've heard and want to see so I'm sure the list will grow once i start exploring the rest of the lineup. 6 years in a row baby


who do you guys recommend i check out?

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Bonaroo has had a weak ass lineup for years

for me it's all about the atmosphere. back when the festival market wasn't so saturated and they  had stronger lineups i would get stressed out bc too many good bands would play at the same time and I'd get really bad FOMO. last year was the weakest lineup since i've been going but i had the most fun bc i only had to worry about getting close to like 3 or 4 shows. I spent the rest of the time hanging out and making new friends and wandering around and checking out bands i've never heard of. also, the super jams are insane

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u should ask tscalzo what he thinks about the dead....he absolutely loves them

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