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I'm into that core style music, but these guys are fucking horrible. They're the reason good core bands get a bad name. Try these guys -



They're not around any more, but good music, if you're into that particular genre.

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first impressions: it's a very beautiful album.

I'm pretty sure it's better than Ekstasis. Getting raped so sweetly by Julia Holter and Forest Swords. I hardly will have time for anything else at this point

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^ I'll have to check those out. 


We should have a music thread dropbox for sharing albums. I'd make it if some people are in.

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So many game changers recently that are making crazy changes to my top x of the year. My top 5 right now is probably looking like Shaking the Habitual (The Knife), Engravings (Forest Swords), Immunity (Jon Hopkins), Loud City Song (Julia Holter), and Cień chmury nad ukrytym polem (Stara Rzeka). Somehow Immunity just keeps getting better and better, and is standing the test of time against the likes of new Fuck Buttons, new Boards of Canada, and even new Autechre from way earlier in the year. Julia Holter still has time to ripen for me, because I've only listened to it in full twice, and it definitely has a potential to be top 3. Another album worth mentioning is the new Blondes album, Swisher. It grows on me a lot, in a similar way to Immunity, but when in comparison to what I have right now in my top 5, it just isn't enough to crack it. I don't know how I'm going to handle myself if OPN's new album is leaked anytime soon. 


I think the dropbox idea is a good one, but I just have a feeling I would end up being way too lazy to use it.

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i am not "in"



just downloaded that forest swords album, hoping it lives up to ur hype enddawg.

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Yeah dude. Unique as fuck with mega feels. Definitely listen to his EP Dagger Paths from last year as well. That's where my Forest Swords boner originated.


Thinking I might have to get Forest Swords and Julia Holter on record once they are officially released. Might even grab Immunity as well.

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Listened to these yesterday




Only listened to it once but I really liked it first time. Pretty much The Bends v2, really heavily influenced by early Radiohead.




Thought this was great, but again, only one listen really (listened to a few song individually aswell but whatever). Starts off nice and pop-ish, not too far from something like Vampire Weekend, but gets slower/heavier throughout it. Heavy isn't really the right term, but you'll know what I mean if you listen to it




Dunno about the US, but Disclosure and the resurgence of this kind of house has been getting huge over here for the last 2 years(?) or so. Anyway I know them pretty well, but I never actually got around to listening to their first full length release. More of the same from them really, but thats hardly a bad thing. Can't wait to see them in a few weeks

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