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AGL 8 VOD now up! Highlight thread!

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Hey everyone,


After the last AGL montage, there seemed to be a lack of gameplay/general clips in there. So I thought as a community we could go through some rebroadcasts and find clips for the next one, to help them make a great event montage  :D


So heres what to post:

  • Sick clips and clutch plays/chokes
  • Funny moments from the commentators
  • Funny facecam moments (like the Ola one from last event)

Try to format like this:


Link to specific broadcast; Time of Clip;

Short description


Link to video playlist:



MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT INDICATING WHICH MATCHUP YOU WILL WATCH THROUGH! That way everyone can go through a different section, getting more clips.


Ex: I will go through FFA finals to find clips.


Tip: Use the Share section on the YouTube vid to share the link with time embedded (it will skip straight to the clip)

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BTW, I posted this thread a while ago but now that broadcasts are up on YouTube I thought it would be a good time to re-post. Can mods merge my old thread into this one?

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Where's Requiem vs Infamous!? Or am I blind? D:


Edit: I found the last match, full screen. Looks decent for a montage, right?



Some of the matches have yet to be uploaded I think, or are being processed. YouTube can be slow sometimes, every match should be up soon though.

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