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VA Winter LAN 2019

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Tomorrow my semi-annual VA Winter LAN will be starting.  There should be a tourney on Friday and Saturday.  Feel free to stop by and visit the chat.

Twitch:  https://www.twitch.tv/vabeachlan

Youtube (VA Beach LAN 2018):

1. Devilman
2. Mudbone
3. Nacho
4. stunt man
5. dds
6. meg
7. Cujjer
8. Missingno
9. Ozyorsk
10. Forehearth
11. Killa Cam
12. johnthehero
13. Hurley
14. O4
15. Halaster
16. Gazzo
17. Kush
18. Biff Nasty
19. Teapot
20. Klown
21. Solo
22. Simplifyyy
23. Cat

2v2 Tournament:
FFA Round - Friday 1/11/19 at 9:00pm EST
Bracket Play - Saturday 1/12/19 at 1:00pm EST
Tourney Prize Split:
- 1st Place 2v2 - $120
- 2nd Place 2v2 - $60
- 1st Place FFA - $20
Equipment (5 Stations):
  2 each - 21" Sony GDM-C520K
  2 each - 22" NEC MultiSync FP2141SB
  2 each - 22" NEC MultiSync FE2111SB
  2 each - 22" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB
  2 each - 27" Samsung TXN2775HF
  8 each - Neoya X2VGA+
  2 each - Microsoft Xbox High Definition AV Pack

  2 each - Inogeni VGA2USB3
  2 each - AverMedia C027
  1 each - Osprey 460e

  6 each - Logitech c930e Webcam
  1 each - Blue Yeti Microphone

All Xboxes modded and running Halo 1: NHE v1.0
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Doubt I'll be able to tune in this time,  but I can't wait to catch up on some VOD later. Also I appreciate the incredibly detailed equipment list.

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During previous broadcasts of my lans I've had an issue with keeping all of the audio in sync between all the different mics and cap cards.  This is due to the different clock rates each device has that causes the audio to drift out of sync as time goes by.  I've done a ton of testing these past couple months to adjust the clock rates but but have found it's impossible to keep 8 different devices perfectly in sync for an extended period of time.  Therefore I have a script running that will reset the audio once every hour to ensure everything stays in sync.  So if you hear the audio cut out for a couple secs, that's probably just the audio resetting itself.  Just FYI :)

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It sucks that these two events overlapped. Your LANs are the best I’ve ever seen, and the attendees are all some of my favorite people. I wish I could have gone to both. You all were sorely missed this weekend.

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The vids for VA Winter LAN 2019 can be found here:

btw i think I got the audio figured out as far as the volume levels and keeping everything in sync.  it only took 3 years :)

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