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TO2 for Dreamhack Atlanta

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Currently looking for two players who

1. Can afford a trip to Atlanta because i dont think we will be getting a good enough org for funding lol  :mj:

2. Can work with our work schedules either early in the morning or late at night it changes weekly, ill send you it if you are interested


3. Ready to fucking grind this shit game and have fun ;) communication is key


We have multiple LAN EXP H3, Reach (locals) lmao but pretty much just big online warriors.

We are high onyx to champ but due to me being overly toxic sometimes i get my accounts perm banned so my ranks will be a lot lower then they actually are. 


Contact me 

Twitter - @FearedOnHalo

Xbox - We FeaR or Smvrfing 

TeamBeyond DMs or just post in this thread 




Contact my teammate 

Xbox - Jokey


*We have a team pass*

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