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to2 with org looking for 2 more for atlanta

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we are backed by an org with at least some funding.


you must:

1. Be at least onyx or close to it

2. Be willing to take criticism and look at film consistently

3. Be from North America (for online lag prevention)

4. Not have a big ego and be a team player

5. Just be chill


Hit me up on Xbox: Nitemare or Twitter: Nitemare_HCS


we are also looking for a coach

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You want someone who is chill, but you also want to compete? 


Good luck with that. There is no chill when it comes to competing... 

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Actually I think it depends on who you talk to and whether or not they want to be chill. If you look at tox, they never yell at each other in their listen ins. They just calmly call things out and are good friends in and out of the game. Maybe you can't find chill teammates, but it is possible.

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Whats your play schedule like? im also a to2 looking for 2 but we work so our play time is limited by a little



we are also planning to go to ATL



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I mean we usually play at night, we live in the central time zone and usually play from 8-12/1 at night. We are able to adjust if you guys are worth it lol

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