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Alternate Universe

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In an alternate universe


-halo 3

-Halo:Reach still exists

-they come up with halo 5 instead of halo 4

-they don't make a MCC, but instead a full h2 anniversary

-then a halo 3 anniversary

-then they announce halo:infinite


does online population get better or worse? or stay the same


competitive/tournament scene?


how's the community over all look?

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In an alternate universe, CE-2-3 would be like Halo 4. Halo Reach is 343's last game and would be like Halo 3 and would cause a similar split in the community. Bungie take control of the franchise, and their first title, Halo 4 would double down on the Halo Reach formula alienating more fans. 


In an effort to bring fans back, they make the MCC, featuring CE/2/3/4, but there one actually works and brings hundreds of thousands of players back to the series. Seeing the success of MCC, Halo 5 is a title like CE/2/3, bringing Halo back to the top as it rides off the success of MCC. Meanwhile, 343 make their new game, called Destiny, and it doesn't suck and quickly becomes one of the greatest games of the generation


Halo Infinite is instead Halo 6 because they don't have to reboot the art style to return to form because they weren't stubborn enough to try forcing something that isn't going to happen.


Frankie has hair. Bravo is actually Yankee, Tom French has a bacon obsession and has never grown facial hair in his life, Reiku78 is the voice of reason and Halo and is universally loved, and NavG still shitposts as his ability transcends space and time. Waypoint is the hub for reasonable Halo discussion and debate, with the least power hungry moderators on the internet. 


And Teambeyond.net is dedicated to making Halo great again by returning to the Halo Reach/Halo 4 formula because Halo needs to adapt and evolve to stay relevant or some crap. 

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