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Most Positive Role Models in Halo

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Which players, coaches, and other figures are the most positive role models in Halo? 

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In what sense? Like in terms of being a great person, community building, smart player, disciplined player, individually skilled player, outreach, some other factor?


Without knowing what metrics you're looking for, I would take a look at who 343 tweets about and thanks. Snakebite, Mikwen, Ryanoob, and Snipedown are all players I know have provided a lot of feedback or have taken time to go to community ventures.

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More seriously, I can't see how anyone tops Walshy (possible exception being Puckett). 


The history, the wins, the class, the dude even found the time to grind out the local LAN scene here in Michigan back when he was running trains with 3D/FB. Then going on to casting, the charity work, just the overall presence of the man. 

This x100. The charity work alone puts him at the top.

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Theres a few different ways to look at this I guess, from most positive influence to most innovative influence etc. I'd put someone like Zyos near the top of innovative simply for the his combing over of the games individual and team strategies.


There are many others but in terms of a positive influence?


Walshy hands down. I've met him like 8 times over the course of 12 years and there is never a second where he isn't humble and happy to talk with fans.


While there are a lot others I think Snakebite is next even though I didn't get a chance to talk other than introduce myself. Called Dadbite for a reason. While I believe everyone should act professional, these are teens playing a video game so I try to cut them some slack. It's hard when snakebite embodies this professional attitude so naturally to remember not to hold others to such high standards.


While maybe not influencing the shape of halo (except S.S) I seriously think all the casters deserve to be on here. If your not sure why, go to an event and talk to any of them. They are some of the busiest in the entire venue and they always are friendly.


While maybe other pros haven't been nice online 100% of the time, there are others that you can talk to at an event that are down to earth. Pistola is one of the greatest guys out there. I've given him grief for a few comments but deep down he's probably got one of the biggest hearts.


RoyBox fits that bill as well. Ended up taking to Roy not long after a loss and while he wasn't happy with that he was still very upbeat to talk to. I think that shows a lot. I talked to ninja after a loss and he literally threw a temper tantrum infont of people.


To be honest it's hard to say with some newer pros because I don't see their personalities as much as I did in the h2 and h3 days when MLG was running in depth player profiles. I think that everyone's list here should have Karma on it. If not go and watch his player profile.


There were tons of others that were great influences. Bonfire / ItWasLuck were two of the nicest on the entire circuit. Lil Poison showed the word that kids could dominate teens and adults. Xena showed that girls could dominate the boys and placed pro bracket. TeH Bawney showed me that there were no such things as limitations. The man had one arm and was quad shotting pros..


The placings are far from first but I think these people had some great influence onto others. I really wish I knew more about current pros.

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While maybe not influencing the shape of halo (except S.S) I seriously think all the casters deserve to be on here. If your not sure why, go to an event and talk to any of them. They are some of the busiest in the entire venue and they always are friendly.


You're lucky you caught me drunk in Daytona, usually I'm grouchy after observing all day  :kappa:  I still want to cast a BeachLAN one day!


The best role models for me are the types of people who are down to earth and have time for everyone, despite their busy schedule & incredible work ethics. Notables:










Future role models (as they build their legacy, people will see their true characters shine through)








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I got interviewed by him before I knew what his schtick was, the entire time I was thinking "Who the hell is this guy?"

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I forgot about Karma. His story is awesome. And he's a hell of a guy too. I reffed Carbon a lot in those early tournaments in 08, and I quickly became a huge fan.

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he talked about Halo when no one else would.


A real Hero

A true Patriot.

I’ll be damned if he didn’t make the forums an interesting place. His dumb bullshit got me through BLC.

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