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Most Positive Role Models in Halo

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Based on who I've met in RL. Probably Walshy.

Super outgoing/nice guy. Met him at Pax Prime when they had a build available for Halo 4. He was running some booth where he was doing 1v1's in H3 I think? Told him he was one of our favorites to watch growing up and he launched question after question about how long we had played, what our favorite game was, how we liked the H4 build. Just genuinely seemed interested in getting to know us (even though he more than likely didn't). He invited us up to some after party after Pax and we chatted some more. Cool dude, would hang out with again.

Based on like streams, interviews, and things Ola and Snakebite seem like pretty upstanding dudes.

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First few names that come to mind from the pro scene are Walshy, Snakebite, and Bravo. All three are consistently incredibly cool, calm, collected, and positive. And I'm a sucker for Walshy's awesome (terrible) jokes.

From the Twitch/YouTube side, Stress, Vetoed, and ShyWay are the first few I think of. Really chill, great content, and seem like genuinely good dudes.

Obviously, not a comprehensive list, but positive role models in Halo.

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