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Yeah the grapple looks like they saw something cool in titanfall 2 and were like "let's add that", generally looks very plastic and sounds of guns are not beefy, overall not a single thing that pleases me about this so far. Probably a pass unless server browser + modding.

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I was literally _waiting_ for the sprint. Damn it. Some of the guns look cool but

Grappling Hook... 

I'm not the BIGGEST fan of the last two but that first one... I literally hate sprint in Halo, that one mechanic ruins the entire fun out of the game. I can live with clamber.

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That grapple actually looks exactly like agent under fire except with a CD. I guess I'm not mad at the attempt. I'm interested in the weapons. Those automatics looked accurate for the first time. Sprint speed actually seemed slower than I would've guessed. Not happy to see it but it was fully expected. Idk I'm ready to just test multiplayer and see what its like

I liked the map hub thing to select a mission and the campaign part seemed cool

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