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Player Interview Questions for Pre/Post-Game

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Outside of the usual, dull, nigh-pointless "How do you feel about winning?" "What's your gameplan?" drivel that normally doesn't elicit good answers from players, I'd like to see some stuff that offers players opportunities to either expound upon their personalities, tastes, playstyles, or approach to the game in general.


So, some questions I'd like to see asked:

  • What's your favorite weapon from any Halo?
  • What's your favorite weapon from any shooter?
  • If you could team with any player, past or present, who would it be?
  • Are there any players you like to study to learn how they approach the game?
  • What player have you learned the most from in your career?
  • Favorite gametype in Halo 5?
  • Favorite gametype of all time?
  • Any gametypes you wish were in HWC that aren't?
  • Sniper or Rockets?
  • Overshield or Camo?
  • You see a Sniper Rifle and a Flag down in front of you, which do you grab, and who do you tell to take the other?
  • Chipotle, Moe's, or Qdoba?
  • Which starter Pokémon?
  • Your entire team switches to Overwatch, who's playing the Healer?
  • Best shot?
  • Best communicator?
  • Best movement?
  • Biggest fanboy? (Obviously everyone's answer to this should be Randa.)
  • Smartest player?
  • Player you hate to play against the most?
  • Player you feel the most motivated against?


Please add to the list below with your own ideas of what you want to learn about the players.

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This is similar to "what's your gameplan", so maybe this question sucks. But I'd love to hear about how teams are trying to change to react to the new speed Splyce plays at. How do they feel this changes their game, how do individual players have to change, etc.


Hearing what different regions feel about the evolution of rival regions would be cool. Does anyone think Australia will catch up to EU anytime soon? How do they feel about the passionate LATAM scene? Stuff like that.

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