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Looking for teammate(s)

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I need to run some games, Orlando's for sure an event were going to. Looking to compete with some good players. Pls message my GT if you're up to run games. I'm free most evenings. GT: Twissited   Msg me when you can play, and any experience. Positive attitudes and open to criticism and want to improve. Under an org and have a team pass already.

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HWC is coming up and I'd like to be in a team when it happens. Also happy to play with other individuals and if a team forms a team forms. A few things about me: Age - 13 Location - US, FL, Played Halo since - 2011 Team Arena rank - As high as Onyx Favourite team - Spylce Message me and we'll see if I fit the team and the team fits me Gamertag is 'Vemzii' And I'm able to do LANs and travel

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