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To2 LF2 to team w/ for the 2018 season

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Please read carefully


Halo 5 To2 GTs: Kataclismik; Shadow kill ya. Are LF2 players of any kind if your new to structured HCS don't fret I can teach you how it's done. Dedication and Motivation and Commitment to the grind. 




x Win gunfights as much as possible a.k.a have good slaying ability.


x Have some type of Halo knowledge (Call outs, Strats, rotations, spawn) 


x Have understanding that people have lives outside of the game


x Be able to Travel


x Be able to take jokes and laugh them off


x Able to cram out long grueling grind sessions 


x Won't quit after a couple losses or quit for stupid reasons 




x Egos 


x Excuses 


x Laziness 


If your down DM me on Twitter or Xbox because I'm SUPER rarely active on here tbh. [email protected]_ZT or Xbox @ Kataclismik I also have a little montage explaining a bit about myself and some of my gameplay on my twitter pinned! 



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