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Looking for 3 players Diamond and higher.

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If ur interested in a team im in need of 3 players for the 2018 season im the team captain im already with an org hmu at my Twitter @supressor_ im more of a FFA player in Customs so im gonna need a little work on my team work. So if u would be able to run on October 31 or Nov 1st hmu or if u guy don't see this for a week just hmu on my twitter. Im 1735 in Doubles 1650 in Arena 1600 in slayers and Diamond 1 in HCS

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HWC is coming up and I'd like to be in a team when it happens. Also happy to play with other individuals and if a team forms a team forms.


A few things about me:


Age - 13

Location - US, St LUCIE WEST

Played Halo since - 2011

Team Arena rank - As high as Onyx

Favourite team - Spylce


Message me and we'll see if I fit the team and the team fits me


Gamertag is 'Vemzii'


And I'm able to do LANs and travel :)

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