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To2 for 2018

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Hello my gt is: ol Primitive lo. We are a to2 looking for two more to compete in the 2018 season. We are on usually everyday after 7pm pst Monday-Saturday becuz of school and work. We are dedicated and we make time in advance to scrim/practice. Little info about us. I'm ranked 1 in ffa in Las Vegas followed up with 10th in the world. We are high onyx-champion level players. We have both attended two of the millennial esports arena events in 2016 and 2017. We ranked top 20 in both events. If you are interested and have time to be on at least, 5-6 times a week hit us up. Ideally we would like high onyx to champion level players, but are willing to recruit diamonds depending on our chemistry.

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Im interested hmu at my twitter

@Supressor_ im a really good OBJ player and i can slay heavily at times im more of a FFA and Doubles player tho

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HWC is coming up and I'd like to be in a team when it happens. Also happy to play with other individuals and if a team forms a team forms.


A few things about me:


Age - 13

Location - US, FL, St LUCIE WEST

Played Halo since - 2011

Team Arena rank - As high as Onyx

Favourite team - Spylce


Message me and we'll see if I fit the team and the team fits me


Gamertag is 'Vemzii'


And I'm able to do LANs and travel :)

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Gt: Chow Is Icy

In need of a team

East coast


Discord or Skype please

If you have any other questions dm me on Twitter: @ChowIsIcy

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