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Forbid Gaming Group, looking for team!

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Hello Halo community! My name is Jordan Radewan, one of the founders of Forbid Gaming Group. We are an esports organization looking to help you build a team that can compete at the top levels of play. Some of you may have heard of us from our efforts in the Overwatch community, but we are proud to announce that we will be expanding into your community as well! We invite you to join our community, where you will find the staff dedicated to helping you maximizing your potential. We offer scheduling, streaming, strategy, and organizational assistance as well as coaching services. We also have a heavy involvement in tournament play as well as running our own internal events for your enjoyment. Our team dedicates itself to building the fan community around the teams we produce, to create a positive environment for you both in and out of the game. If all this sounds like something you would enjoy being a part of, feel free to join our Discord and talk to us! Or you can contact me personally on social media @QuotaPlays. Thanks, and I hope to see you all become part of our #ForbidFamily!



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I tried getting ahold of you on Twitter but your Dm's are closed. I have a team that may be interested. we don't really need help strategic/scheduling wise. streaming, organizational, and coaching wise we could need some assistance. we don't really necessarily need a coach unless what you meant by being heavily involved in tournament play is that you offer funding for said tournaments. We're willing to play any other teams interested in a best of series to prove that's we're your beat option. what we really want from an org is funding for tournaments.

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HWC is coming up and I'd like to be in a team when it happens. Also happy to play with other individuals and if a team forms a team forms.


A few things about me:


Age - 13

Location - US, St LUCIE WEST

Played Halo since - 2011

Team Arena rank - As high as Onyx

Favourite team - Spylce


Message me and we'll see if I fit the team and the team fits me


Gamertag is 'Vemzii'

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