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REC vs Renegades and I don't know who to root for. 


Totally unbiased opinion but this one is easy, Renegades.

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Yo @@Infinity, your observing made for solid analysis. Good job.

Str8 just took a game vs OG. Tune into the Bravo stream if you haven't already. Moving into game 3.


And great job @@Infinity



Thanks guys!


My hardware starting going on the fritz for Game 1, so the scoreboard was incorrect for a minute on the Bravo stream. Someone came over to try and fix and production decided to highlight OG/Str8 on main stream, so I had to focus on Observing. Hope it was a decent series in terms of spectating.


Apologies for any hiccups!


Strongside and Bravo are cooking up some cool stuff for analysis. Stay tuned.

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