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Alright, gentlemen... it's official.







MLG's first Halo open in five years will be my first ever experience at a live Halo tournament. This is also my first time at an MLG event, and my first major esports event outside of small Smash locals.


It still feels quite surreal. I've been a diehard Halo fan and critic since 2007, but I only began to experience and appreciate competitive Halo starting with its decline during Halo 4. Despite being new(er) to the competitive Halo community, I truly live and breath Halo and will always have a huge amount of passion for the game and franchise. The opportunity to experience an epic Halo LAN while also meeting the names and faces I've gotten to know over the past five years is something I just couldn't pass up.


I'll be working with MLG to operate the Gameplay/Bravo stream! I'll be observing the Bravo matches and running the broadcast, so I'll try to stay in the Twitter/forum loop to make sure everything is meeting everyone's expectations!


I want to meet as many people as possible! If you are a forum-goer or friend of Beyond, please find me and say hello! I want to express many thanks to MLG for the exciting opportunity, and to @@Wonderboy for recommending me as an Observer Mode fanatic.


I could not be more excited for MLG Orlando. Let's get it. This will be an incredible event that will hopefully create incredible memories.


:simms:  :fire:  :weback:

y3BS5u6.pngy3BS5u6.pngy3BS5u6.pngy3BS5u6.pngy3BS5u6.png that's awesome dude!

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Can u make a shot of all your flower shirts for me. I'd like to meme it for London regionals.

What do you need exactly...

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You need to make one of these for Clap.  "The hero we need" cliche, etc etc.


Most teams at a LAN H5 event 2.5 years into this game? i'll take that.  Now lets see if we can get some viewers this weekend.

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M --  is for the way you maaaaaaaaaaaaake me feel


L  --   is for the way you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiift me up


G --  is for gyros, cuz everyone loves gyros.  if you dont love gyros well then what do i know


yaaaa it's just me and M.L.G.




WHAT THE MOTHER F IS UP EVERYONE.  That was just a little diddy I wrote up just now to express my feelings towards the impending return of our almighty savior -- praise be, praise be.  I don't know if it's me or the 300 millis of caffeine that are currently coursing through my veins but I. FEEL. GOOD.  Let's just do a quick recap of why I'm feeling good.  M, check.  L, check.  G, check.  translation: LETS. FUCKING. GO.  


There's something about that feeling of a fresh roster-mania finally coming to fruition on LAN for the first time.  New teams, same dreams, fresh memes.  The remnants of my favorite pros are scattered hither AND thither, meaning I am at a complete loss for who I even want to win this thing.  I just want to watch some mother effin halo played by the best players in the world hosted by the best tournament director in the universe.  Honestly, all overly dramatic hype aside -- this weekend marks the return of MLG to Halo.  Ahem, I'll say that again --  (dramatic hype resumed)




If that doesn't give you chills, you probably don't like gyros.  And if you don't like gyros, you can honestly go boltshot yourself.




-jDot out


p.s. I was kidding about the boltshot thing.  That piece of shit gun can go boltshot itself.


Most intentional neg of my life.

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Hes from a different era though, not really an excuse, but in the H2/H3 days the pros were literally non-existent in the community. I cant really comment on the reach era, but right now in H5, we at least have a few pros (mainly people like Ryanoob/prototype/frosty) who really do try to build a following and a community. Being a pro in 2003-2010 required literally no out reach, now pros in literally every other game make huge followings, and support the community immensely. 


You're right, it was a different era. Halo pro's in 2008-10 in particular could have been pioneers in YouTube gaming channels. But instead they got sidelined with zero community interaction, zero community building and zero effort into retaining an audience. Now I see multiple complaints about how "YouTube isn't worth it" and that streaming is "Too hard".


It's almost as if missing your franchise's prime followed by having the viewer interaction of a potato doesn't rake in viewers. 


Anyway, let's not ruin the buzz of MLG Orlando.

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where the hell does that turd get his money?

Underground fight clubs at video game tournaments.

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104 teams* is seriously incredible 




you really can't say enough about what MLG means to console FPS gamers


everyone aspires to be a MLG pro





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