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Halo World Championship 2018 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

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Have we had an updated bracket shown recently?



Also just shown on stream.

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What a series man, feel bad for fable they could have had that in both games 4 and 5. Vexed looking OK not as strong as usual but some big individual performances pulled them through.

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The Gfinity production level is amazing. That's all.


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I've been complaining about veiled tournament information for all of Halo 5 so I gotta give a shout out to 343 and Gfinity for finally making it easy to find an official tournament bracket without having to use bot commands in Twitch chat. halo.gg has a link to the bracket that's easy to find and the page that has the bracket on it has a section to a team listing.


The team listing doesn't actually let you see the players on all the registered teams, so Gfinity still has some room to grow, but we're finally half way there when it comes to having accessible tournament information.

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