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Happy Thanksgiving Beyond Fam!


I'm thankful for my family for cooking turkey, and not randomly switching to liver and onions at no ones request :D


did you not get the family survey where a majority of people asked to change the menu? 

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I imagine the 343 team justified time and half to the boss by saying that pros wanted some BR tuning... Now they're trying to figure out their next move because they could get fired for milking the clock after 5pm because the "pros wanted BR starts". 


Only way I can imagine this all making sense.


Happy Thanksgiving yall

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It's says they're on their heels and weren't expecting this reaction. It says they have to rethink their plans and want to be left alone for the holidays. It's way better than not saying anything.


My biggest problem with the statement is that it's Josh who had to give it: Where the fuck is the community manager to relay this stuff?


This has been my question for some time. Sketch seems do even less than Bravo did. I hardly ever even see him on r/halo. Even the community updates seem to be written by Grim most of the time.


edit: Went and checked. The last three community updates that Sketch wrote were on 9/7/2017, 8/3/2017, and 5/11/2017.


What the fuck does this guy do?

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My "hot take":



We get 10% of what we actually want and need -- followed by 90% of 343s classic twist on what they think the community needs.


Exhibit A:

Community: We would like no sprint, revert to classic gameplay - back to the roots.


343: Okay we listened, here is a sprint toggle - we can just turn it off.


Classic Twist: Toggle is never used in official competitive settings.



It is never the full 100% of what we need, always some kind of unnecessary twist or modification.


They then get to the point of no return with their twists and modifications - that you begin to see justifications of "well if we just go back, wont we be alienating the current player-base" and other types of nonsensical mental gymnastics.


Interesting to spectate I guess?


Happy Thanksgiving!


The need to "add a twist" is definately a source of the problem.


People across the board liked most of the V2 BR but wanted random spread removed. Instead, they just tightened the spread and slowed the cadence.


People across the board wanted the DMR to require 3 shots for melee and reduce magnetism. Instead, they made it shoot slow as fuck.


People wanted the carbine to be less oppressive at range due to magnetism. They added random spread.


People wanted a more skillful AR. They increased spread rate and headshot multiplier, making it more luck based.


People wanted the magnum to be utilitarian within the sandbox. They take it out altogether.


I feel like company is so desperate too originate an idea the community likes, that they refuse to do the simple thing and listen.

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Well, this thread creates so many mixed feelings so to get some nostalgia and bring back memories...watch the best Halo CE speedrunner Garish Goblin set a new world record on HCE Legendary (1:15:18) a couple of days ago. I remember when goatrope made his impossible 1:35 run 3 years ago. This is 20 minutes faster...


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I generally like Josh Menke as he seems to communicate more than the other ones. I may be biased because him and Tashi actually tend to respond to my tweets. :kappa:


But it does seem like the 343 way of either saying a lot of nothing or literally nothing is catching on with him. I think 343 simply has bad management. 

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It's a guilty pleasure reading all the Halo 5 distaste when I haven't enjoyed it since day 1.




It was a real shame having @@Deez and @@Tashi swing by to give us a glimmer of hope that 343 is turning things around (MCC fixes announced included)


But we're back to radio silence and incompetence. Just glad to see everyone including free paycheck OpTic players are onboard the distaste wagon now. (That's if OpTic players have actually been paid yet).


Buh buh worlds, buttttt competitive is back buh buh buhhhhhhhhhh


I'm just going to wait for postmortem analysis v4*

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With all the blowback 343 is getting with the BR starts, they more than likely are gonna switch back to Mags only.

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With all the blowback 343 is getting with the BR starts, there more than likely are gonna switch back to Mags only.

This logic really hasn't worked in the past.

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At this point, I would love to see a mass of Halo pros compete at MLG Dallas. Just a complete invasion and see how the players do against current CoD pros.


this would actually compel me to watch a CoD tournament for more than just the finals 

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With all the blowback 343 is getting with the BR starts, they more than likely are gonna switch back to Mags only.

I mean if they're willing to make changes they can still push the BR they just really need to adjust the way it functions. I prefer the pistol but as long as they're adjusting the BR I could be okay with that too. Its just whatever they came up with this time feels like ass to use. It kills slowly, its harder to aim with, the burst is so extended it feels like the game is lagging lol. Swapping away from the gun they made all of these skins for is stupid all on its own but the reason the game sucks with the new BR is because they just made something that doesn't actually make any sense to replace anything with. Its like they sat down and said "DUDE what if we made the BR the primary weapon but it sucked in every possible way??! WOOOOH!"

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