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Fallout's 20th Anniversary and My eview

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Even if I'm the only person who acknowledges, I still believe Fallout's 20th birthday deserves to be at least mentioned, here


EDIT 1: I must've accidentally hit Enter when I was still typing. Is there anyway to edit the title, or delete this thread?


EDIT 2: Well, if I can't edit the title, I'll just continue my review.


Fallout has come a long way as a post-nuclear apocalyptic RPG series. While not the first to do it, it deviated from the standard Medieval fantasy setting, which was prominent in just about every RPG in the '90s. This was ground-breaking at the time, as many people perceived RPGs as being based solely on fantasies.


Fallout, from the first game, to Brotherhood of Steel, was developed by Interplay (later known as Obsidian), and published by Black Isle (they only published the first two games). Obsidian emerged around the same time after Interplay disbanded in 2003, and Bethesda was given the rights to the Fallout IP in the following year. Bethesda releases their first Fallout game - Fallout 3, in 2008; and with their second - Fallout 4 in 2015. Bethesda also allowed Obsidian to make their spin-off title titled, "Fallout: New Vegas", in 2010. Many old school fans consider NV to be the true sequel to Fallout 2, due to how similar all three of those games are written and how NV expands on the lore of the first two games. While Fallout 3 is the most critically-acclaimed game in the series, many people dislike Bethesda's "Elder Scrolls" approach to Fallout, labeling Fallout 3 as "Oblivion, with guns". Fallout 4 is also criticized for having the same fundamental problems as Fallout 3, according to certain groups of the fan/player base.


I have to clarify that I'll only be talking about Fallout 1, and Fallout 1 only, for the rest of this essay I'm going to write about. Before reading this, I must warned everyone who comes here, that this is a review. Therefore, there will be spoilers.


The Setting

Fallout 1 takes place on December 5, 2161, over 84 years after a nuclear war which devastated and destroyed most of the planet. You are a member of a family who took shelter in underground Vaults before the rains of nuclear hell dropped on Earth. Vault 13 is your home, and you have live set foot outside it. That would all change when the water chip expires, and you are tasked with finding a new one, in the wastelands of California. Without water, the Vault and its inhabitants will be nothing more than a memory.


The Plot

Before leaving, the Overseer pinpoints the possible location of a new water chip to Vault 15. When you first leave your vault, you find yourself in a cave, standing near a corpse donning a Vault suit, just like yours. There are rats in the cave. You can kill them all for EXP, or, if you're sneaky enough, you can walk past them without initiating combat. When you finally leave the cave in head east, you will stumble upon a town by the named of Shady Sands. Since you've lived in Vault 13, for your entire life, ignorance is bliss. You will find yourself asking a lot of questions, like: "What is this place?" "How do I get there?" What do you people do here?"


BREAK TIME #1: Ahh, I can't finished this, right now. I'm takin' a break! (Alright! Two-minute break time, over! Back to the plot.)


Talking to people is what drives the plot and gets the player to get wherever they're going. This make the overall story organic and believable because you receive information from people who live and struggle to survive on a daily basis, and you haven't have to.


The Super Mutant Threat

Once you've found the water chip, the Overseer reports of an arising Super Mutant threat which needs to taken care. He reluctantly sends you in the wastes, again, to find the source of the Super Mutants, figure out who leads them, and eliminate both the source and the leader so the Super Mutants lose total control of the wasteland. This is where the game mains conflict begins. Brotherhood of Steel patrol units on the western side of map occasionally engage in combat with the Super Mutants. You have the option of sending BoS knights fighting alongside you when you reach the SM base directly west of Vault 13, but you have to retrieve a holodisk in an abandon facility called, "The Glow" (it's not worth having them in the base because they'll won't actually enter inside the base).


The Master

The Master is an unusual mutant in the Fallout series. He speaks in multiple voices, has tentacles with eye sockets at the end, has turrets to defend himself, and appears to be part machine. Before his tragedy, The Master (formally Richard Moreau) was a friend of a soon-to-be-a-ghoul trader named Harold. Richard changes his name to Grey after he was exile for committing a murder not fully explained in the first game. Harold caravans were constantly attacked by mutated creatures. Harold, Richard, and the rest of members found the Mariposa Military Base, where the FEV was tested on experiments (this virus was used to create Super Mutants and other mutated creatures in the game). Grey, Harold, and Mark (who Harold never mentioned in the game) were the only survivors left. When Grey and Richard entered the central core, Grey fell into a vat after a robot assaulted him, and for almost a month, he became what he is in the game, thus concluding the backstory of the Master.


BREAK TIME #2: Should I keep going, or should I just stop here? This is going to an hour long break this time.

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