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Happy Eighth Birthday Halo 3: ODST!

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ODST was a game that looked neat, but for me turned out...okay. I appreciate Bungie's risk taking while making Reach and starting the early stages of Destiny's development. It has things I enjoyed and things I didn't enjoy. What did I like? First and above all Marty's score. Its amazing. The jazz and rock music suited the game perfectly. Marty's the master! I sort of liked the shift from shields to health like CE - really the health and stamina. It set it apart from the other Halos. The ODST's banter, and Nathan Fillion (nuff said lol), were great. What I wasn't a big fan of, and if you disagree thats fine, were the weak story payoff/arc and the wandering around. It felt boring at times. I guess the jazz music helped alleviate that. Still, I enjoy playing it from time to time.

Anyhow, thanks to Bungie for creating it and for 343 for remastering it for free, plus yesterday's backwards compatibility release!

Now Monday is the big day :D

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I thought Halo 3: ODST's Campaign was an improvement from Halo 3's conclusion of the original trilogy, narrative-wise. Playing as anything other than an Elite or a genetically modified super-soldier, while struggling to win a war against an advanced, alien alliance with an religious onslaught to wipe humanity from existence using a ring world that could kill all sentient life on a galactic scale is scary; terrifying, even.

Playing as an ODST solidifies how lethal and brutal the Covenant are, since you aren't playing as the Master Chief, or any other Spartan for that matter. You are less agile, more vulnerable, and weaker. I also loved the dark atmosphere of Halo 3: ODST. 343i tried to emphasize how Halo 5 would be the darkest Halo yet, but ODST makes that advertisement seem like a joke.

The OST was improvement upon Halo 3's, which just recycled most of the music from the first two games. ODST soundtrack is more original, and I love jazz music, so that puts it on my top 5 best Halo OSTs. Playing as the Rookie gives me CE vibes, because you typically have no one to support you (other than Cortana, but she's an A.I.) while you're fighting off hordes of the Covenant.

EDIT: I just want to point that, while Halo 3: ODST improve on Halo 3 in many ways (i.e. wider FoV, ost, better cast of characters, and story), the weapon sandbox was just as bad, if not, worse (it's definitely worse). None of the weapons were buffed or nerfed to balance the game out, and the fact that the H3 BR was replaced by an even crappier weapon, like a scoped pistol, is just stupid. While Firefight was a fun distraction from the Campaign and was a challenging mode, I hate the fact that you can't create your games out of it.

EDIT #2: This belongs on the General Halo Discussion forum, by the way.

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