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Hello Everyone!

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Hey everyone! My name is Matt, but I'd prefer if you called me by my gaming name, Loomin.  :glasses: 

I have been a gamer ever since I was able to hold a controller in my wee baby hands. My lifelong obsession started with Nintendo (still love them) and then further developed as I got into PC gaming in my teenage years from mainly playing games such as Team Fortress, World of Warcraft, and RTS games. After college, I started a streaming channel in order to get more connected with the industry that I passionately grew up with. I also picked up a fun little indie game called Rocket League around the same time, and fell in love with it.


Fast forward to today: I am currently the sub/manager/coach of a professional Rocket League team, am partnered on Twitch, and also help several community Rocket League organizations run tournaments and social media accounts in order to cater to their professional and casual user-base! When I'm not doing these things, you can find me on a number of Discord servers and websites chatting with fellow gamers who share the same passions that I do. You can also find me raiding in World of Warcraft (yes, still), watching Game of Thrones and Westworld, contributing to the esports scene, and playing some PUBG matches with friends. 

I also volunteer for Extra Life in my spare time, and have raised over $80,000 for this wonderful charity and my local Children's Hospital over the last three years. If anyone is looking to get started with this fundraising program or just looking for advice on streaming or content creation in general, please contact me. I love talking with and meeting new people!


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I am also new and just joined teambeyond right now. Such a great forum to find people with same views as mine. Actaully I am a bit depressed about the way thai lottery is treated I don't like it but I am here to explore new lottery and lotto services around the globe. Looking forward for a wonderful experience.

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