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Looking for 3 players to play for Supreme Nation

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I'm Sean, captain of Supreme Nation Halo. 



1.Must be able to solo que your way into plat in HCS

2.Must be able to communicate well (i.e. Callouts, Power Up timing, etc.)

3.Must be able to get on 5 to 7 days a week, and be able to play from around 8pm or 9pm central to 12am or 1am central. (Until school starts of course)

4.If you are in school, try to get homework out of the way as soon as you can. (maybe at school if you have free time, maybe right when you get home)

5. Looking for serious, dedicated players only

6.Must be willing to look at film, see mistakes, correct them, take criticism, etc.


On a side note, I've talked with one of the owners about the possibility of going to HCS Denver, and he says that he would like the team to go, but he isn't 100% sure, because he needed to double check with the other owners to make sure that the org can pay. In all likelihood, the team will probably attend the event.


Message me on xbox: Nitemare

Message me on twitter: Nitemare_hcs

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Im looking for a team to play im plat 4 in HCS im Onyx 1689 in tram arena

Onyx 1616 in slayer

Diamond 2 in doubles i solo Arena HCS and doubles im a good team player im more of a objective player but i can go off at any moment im on everyday trying to improve 10 hours im very serious about getting top 10 or 16 im able to play all day im in mountain time zone.

My gamertag is SupressorFPS

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