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Ive been too events.

I Have excellent call outs and hardly miss shots.

Determined to finish strong and if i dont get 2 players im doing the FFA anyways so ill be there reguardless.

Im a good player and play with well known players and finish on top still.

My gamertag is Enzoyy. HMU for more details and we will also run some games to test your skill lvl.

Please dont waste my time if you dont even play customs, and also dont waste my time if your bad.

Im always online, almost 14 hours a day.

I live an hour away from AGL9 so we can all lan at my house with another team for practice before the event.

If you already have a team and are looking to make adjustments to it HMU i will run with a to3 if you want. 


Anyways, HMU.



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Im down to run i have been to past halo events. i never miss a shot. ill be going 100% to the event considering i live in Florida. Im on every day for multiple hours. im a good team player and can play any role you guys need me to play. i am a smart player know when to push, know strats, know all call outs. hit me up Call Me Parad0x the o is actually a zero. 

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