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Looking for a team

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Im looking for a solid dedicated team

Im Onyx 1630 in team arena

Onyx 1500 in slayer

D2 in doubles

D5 in FFA

I sometimes play MM when im not playing 8s im on everyday trying to improve and need a team that is the same i got placed in the same tier has my ranks are now i solo most of the time wgen i dong have a team to play with.

Im planning on going to events if we have good chem

Not looking for people who slack and not practice i solo qed my way to onyx in slayer

Add me on xbl if ur looking to try out


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Nvm. Edit.



What is your schedule like. We have 3 with good chemistry with some work still needed. We plan on going to Denver so we have to know if you're attending. We'll be on 3 pm today.



Just send me a message on xbox


Humpflung GC

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